I don’t care what the news says. I create my own news.

The Freedom Farmer
3 min readSep 14, 2021

“I don’t care what the news says. I create my own news.” — Justin Rhodes.

Spot surveys her kingdom

Covid is rough. Job uncertainty. Rising prices. Fear everywhere.

Besides the news reports, people at the store in masks look at me with fear even though I am wearing a mask. Some coming toward me in grocery aisle stop and turn around and go the other way. Someone somewhere is wagging their virtual finger — Tsk tsk tsk. Not enough room to pass with six feet of social distance.

Shaking hands may have gone away for good. A hug from a family member feels refreshing, yet initially there is the sharp intake of breath and the feeling that this is taboo.

Yet the picture above is what I saw when I went outside. Spot sitting at the top of the driveway, surveying her kingdom. A moment of peace.

If only I could escape and live in that moment.

What you can do -

  • Turn off the news, at least for awhile. Most of us get news through our phones, so do something else for awhile.
  • Things seem out of control. Focus on your circle of influence and circle of concern. That news from Washington, Florida, Texas — does it really affect you (circle of concern)? Do you have any influence over it or anyone in it (circle of influence)? Be honest, the answer is “No”. Focus on what really matters to you and in what you can make a difference.
  • Look for the hidden silver lining. (Some if it is not so hidden). If you are a remote worker, look at 100% remote jobs. Many East Coast jobs are now opening up 100% remote and are available no matter where you live. Some offer a better opportunity and a higher pay rate than your local market. For example, Kansas City recruiters are bemoaning on LinkedIn that they can’t compete against East Coast opportunities in the “Great Resignation”.
  • You may not go back in the office ever, and maybe that’s not your thing, but it also insulates you against some of the change that has happened and is coming (more on that in another article). And if you go in the office yet you still have to wear a mask (even if vaccinated), social distance, and not meet with anyone, what is the difference? Ditch that commute!
  • Grow your own food, even a small amount in a small bed or a raised bed. We have seen food prices skyrocket. Some routine items have become unavailable.
  • Like the pic above, getting your hands in the soil gives your perspective. It may also aid your microbiome that you may be killing off with hand sanitizer.
  • Meet with a friend or family member that you trust:

“In a time when people have forgotten how to be neighbors, simply sharing a meal or a movie together is a political act.” — Live Not By Lies, Rod Dreher.