The Freedom Farmer
1 min readOct 5, 2021


Stop using Google as an Agile example!

“Dude, we don’t work for Google.”

Today’s software development engagements are more often than not a Software as a Service (SaaS) model with defined services or expected functionality/requirements and with contractual release dates (with $$ penalties if missed).

Many of these have a SAFe model with agile at the development team level, and defined releases.

I have been on more than one project using this model and at some point a developer will object loudly to the timeline or the work assigned to them in the current sprint. The conversation almost always takes the same path, invoking the (holy) name of Google:

Dev: (can’t make the date, wants to push back to a later release).

Me: “We can’t push it back or we will get contractual penalties.”

Dev: (quoting the Agile Manifesto): “I believe that “it’s not done until it’s done’”

(Why does the word “believe” always work it’s way in there?)

Me: “That won’t fly with the client.”

Dev (agitated): “that’s not how Google would do it!”

Me: “Dude, we don’t work at Google.”

Please please please stop using Google as an Agile example.